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Members of the band

  Sacky Jamboree - drums, guitars, yells
  * - unfortunate circumstances
  Tray Getter - Bass, Potato Gun
  Lamont Young - Upright Bass, Piano, vocals
  Lacky Daisical - PVC construction, bent circuits, circuits that don't work in the first place, mailing labels, hot food
  Maiden Hoggen - Guitars, Electronics, sampling, voices, extended weather forcasts
  John "Fanch" Travolta - packs the tuna, crabmeat, tomatoes, guitar, vocals without limit, screaming

General info

  Halaka has been mistaken many times for a booth on the side of the road that sells dead flowers. They aren't really dead, they're actually just decaying, almost dead, but still hanging on with their fingers and hair.
  Halaka is actually a small island in the middle of the coffee cup in the back of the cupboard that you forgot was even there. Their music is not for sale, although sometimes it's on the bottom of a box.

Download free music

Holding Out for the Turning Tables n/a Download
Nobody Cared n/a Download
Streams of Incomprehensible Gibberish n/a Download

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