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Guy Archerd

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Members of the band

  Guy Archerd,guitarist

General info

  Guy Archerd began his music career at the young age of eight by taking guitar lessons in Houston, Texas. Since 1966, he has continuously studied guitar, music theory, songwriting and composition.
  Guy has performed with many local and regional bands such as “Tri-Ax”, “Country Fire”, “Full House”, and “Southbound”, and the “Triple Bypass” band. Triple Bypass has recorded and released, two C.D.’s, “Code Blue” and “Breathless”, independently. His newest accomplishment is a studio instrumental CD, titled “Solitude”. Guy has recently started production on another new project titled “No Room For Beggers".
  Being a versatile performer with roots in Blues and Jazz. Guy has performed his music at countless club venues, festivals, public events, television and public radio appearances.
  Being listed as a member of ASCAP and several other songwriter organizations. Guy invites all interested parties to respond for more information by E-Mail to:

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