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dance / techno


Members of the band

  Tuomo Tyni

General info

  G-Tune is a one-man project started in 1999. Music styles vary from hard trance and trance beats to dreamy ambient chill-outs.
  Since there is no additional song info I will tell you something about the tunes available for download here.
  G-Tune - Finally Free (Remake 2002) is a remake of one of my first tunes that I ever released in public (-99).. It was originally composed in FT2, so I wanted to rebuild it with more up-to-date music-software and here's the result. I always liked the pianos, and now they sound MUCH better. Enjoy :)
  G-Tune - Hello Daddy! is a calm and beautiful ambient chillout tune which tells you a story of a space baby who is searching for his long lost father... The tune has been used in a small TV-production, focused in computer games, as the productions main theme.
  G-Tune - Milksoup is an energetic and trancy tune which I created just to find out if I could be able to construct something in this particular genre.. No additional merits, except massive positive feedback.

Download free music

Finally Free (2002 Remake) 6.06 MB Download
Hello Daddy! 8.88 MB Download
Milksoup 11.64 MB Download
Moonride 13.37 MB Download

Latest tracks

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