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GT & The Vow

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Members of the band

  Graham Trust - vocals, acoustic / electric and bass guitars / keyboards
  Jacqui Lancaster - vocals
  Martyn Gilbert - electric and 12 string acoustic guitars
  Paul O'Brien - bass guitar
  Tony Potter - drums

General info

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  All bands consider their own musical style as beyond categorisation, but "GT & The Vow - Volume 1" truly is indefinable. There's the pop rock "Colamericana",the alternative rock "Television's Home", the bluesy "Wintertime", the orchestral "Peace in our Time", the melancholic "And I Know" and the ballad duet "Reflections on Saturday". But only half of this great album is available on GT & The Vow cover a great number of musical styles but the one uniting factor is that all are great pop songs written by Graham Trust. If you're going to have a cover version on your album then you need to do something new with it. "I can't help falling in love with you", made famous by Elvis Presley is given a "church choir" type arrangement that makes the song spiritually uplifting. Listen to this collection of songs - they are wonderful.
  Vince Mayo - President of Slug Records

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A Song for Gordon n/a Download
Colamericana n/a Download
Peace in our Time n/a Download
Reflections on Saturday n/a Download
Television's Home n/a Download
Who's the Monkey? n/a Download
Wintertime n/a Download

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