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Grind Minded

Grind Minded
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Members of the band

  Wim Eggens-Vocals
  Henk Zinger-Bass
  Jerry Duinkerken-Guitars
  Mathijs Odding-Guitars
  Erwin Koerts-Drums

General info

  At the dawn of ages, a group of Neanderthals raised their hairy knuckles of the ground and started pounding with sticks on eachother and music was born.. But enough of that crap..
  Around 1997 four guys from 2 different bands (Blindsided & Stick to the pan) who’s only sorry excuse to live was to drink beer and smoke weed formed the death/grind band Grind Minded in the metropolic area of Beilen. When the two bands broke up they finally had the time to make something of it. Jerry played the guitar, Bakvet drums, Robert vocals & Henke on bass. They wanted Grind Minded to be a death/grind band that went back to its roots (Repulsion, Carcass, Napalm Death etc.).
  After a few years Robert decided to quit and soon after Arjan joined “the band”. They rehearsed a few times and did some gigs until Arjan also said that he wanted to quit. Then David joined Grind Minded as the vocalist and with David they made their debut ep ;” Your suffering will be legendary”, that was released in 2001 by “Filthy Records”. In this line-up they stayed together for two years and did gigs with “Prostitute Disfigurement, My Minds Mine, Suppository, Rompeprop, Enraged etc”. Plans were made to record a full-length album. But there was something missing and in april 2003 Mathijs joined in on guitars.( ex Vital Urge, ex Bludgeoned). Some weeks later Wim ( ex Cerebral Death, ex Vital Urge, ex Bludgeoned, still active in Morte Aeterna) was pulled from the gutter to replace David.
  In this line up Grind Minded recorded their first full-length album “9 mm Facial” in the Sing Sing studio’s in Metslawier. This album was released in September 2004. At this moment our bass player Henk has been asked to play bass in leading Dutch death/black metal band God Dethroned. Grinroth bass player and long-time good friend Jasper Bolderdijk was asked the fill in the gap on the bass as much as possible.

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Grind Minded - Domination n/a Download
Grind Minded - Fuck Off And Die n/a Download
Grind Minded - The Axe Effect n/a Download

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