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Members of the band

  Joe Evil: vocals and keyboards
  Franz Schuller: vocals and guitar
  Peter Edwards: guitar
  Alain Vadboncoeur: drums
  Vince Peake: bass & vocals

General info

  Planting trees up north one summer, the seed was planted, GrimSkunk sprouted (also proving a dominant force on the latter of the name). The creative team started by founding members Joe “Evil”, Franz Schuller & Peter Edwards stuck and properly gelled into GrimSkunk upon their return to Montreal in the autumn. Determined to offset the more organic, hippy side of their ideology, the band added Grim to their name in order to represent the ying and yang. Grim defined the darker side, more brooding and less appealing commentary on society that crept into the majority of their songs.
  For over fifteen years now GrimSkunk has proven themselves to be unstoppable, exerting a ferocious blend of what is best described as “hybrid rock” to all ears that cross their path. Always maintaining the highest regards for musical integrity, GrimSkunk has become one of Canada’s most successful and influential rock groups to date. After a run of indie CDs and a relationship with Montreal’s infamous Cargo, the band found itself without a distributor and a support system for their touring. Instead of giving up and going 9-5 like many indie bands in Canada during the late 1990s, GrimSkunk created it’s own label, Indica Records, in 1997. Not only did fill a noticeable void in the Canadian music landscape, it gave them the ability to sign other domestic indie artists as well European and American bands with whom they’d established touring relationships.
  Over the course of time, GrimSkunk has self-financed over 30 tours of both Europe and America. They rattle off an impressive list of festivals and noteworthy bands that they’ve shared the stage. Known best for their live performances, GrimSkunk’s raw energy and live intensity has been the catalyst of their fame. On the road, networking with other bands and appreciation for perseverance has resulted in respect from both the industry and their fans.

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