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  GDS ( Green Devil Souljas ) started about three years ago when two good friends decided to make some music.Later on that turned out to be not just some music but for many ears a "Masterpiece" .Home computer, internet based music editing programs and a whole lot of hours and words on the paper got us where we at today.Still unsigned but never loosing hope that one day someone will come forward and offer us that one thing that every artist on the rise is dreaming about a "RECORD DEAL" .For those three years of hard work we had wrote 80 songs for four albums from wich is the latest album still in the making.Some people like rap,hip-hop music and some don't ,people that do like it don't like every rapper therefor i don't expect everyone to like our music,but i know that someone will and someone does and that someone is what is going to keep us doing what we do and that's make more music and atract more fans and of course everyone's favorite "MORE MONEY".

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BLADES ON CHOP n/a Download
BORN IN BOSNIA n/a Download
CAUSE I CAN DO THAT n/a Download
GRIPPIN' GRAIN n/a Download
SITTIN' ON 4'S n/a Download
SOUTHSIDE n/a Download
THERE'Z MY LIFE n/a Download

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