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Members of the band

  Voodoosound Productions
  Rob R
  Owner/Engineer/Session Artist(Guitar, Guitar Synth,Keys)

General info

   Here samples from different genres all recorded in my studio. All music on these cuts was written by me as well as played by me (Guitars, Synth).
  All vocals have been stripped on these tracks for purposes of sharing my work. With exception given to Wandering Souls.
  The improv track was recorded live and cleaned up later in the studio toremove audience noise. The track is as it was played that night.
  Special thanks to
  Don B (bass)
  Adam F (drums, percussion)
  Gary@Glaswerks for an incredible amp.
  Lee Garver@GMW Some of the best guitars on the planet.
  Chandler LTD Nothing touches the quality sounds of your studio gear.

Download free music

Baked Potatoe Improv n/a Download
funk 3 n/a Download
Funk You Up n/a Download
Pusherman n/a Download

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