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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Lauren Bruce - Vocals
  Eli Stowe - Guitars
  Bill Frost - Bass
  Cliff Boatswain - Drums

General info

  Remove the smoke and mirrors from Gravity’s transcendent live performance…. Strip back the magnetic chemistry and vivid poetry of Lauren Bruce. Take away the undeniable musical ability and uniquely rock credible image... And what do you get?.... A core of emotional pop rock songs, part Alanis Morisette, part Foo Fighters, but always definitively their own. A nationally awarded song writing body (MusicOz 2004), and with an unquestionable desire to bring Australian rock back to the masses, Gravity is destined to become a household name. Truly, a band with the complete package; voice, material, image, experience, and the right attitude to succeed, endure and make a statement in the music industry. Find out what it’s all about on their debut EP, The Opposite of Straight.

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