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Members of the band

  GMANgerald-Various elec./acous.Bass Guitars Perc.Digital Keyboards,Lead/Rhythm Guitars,Sub-lead and Background vocals.
  Kathy Burns-Lead and Background vocals.
  Veronica Johnson-Lead and Background vocals,Digital Keyboards,Sax,Flute,Percussion.
  Donna Young-Background vocals.
  Diana Young-Background vocals,Digital Keyboards,Perc.
  Tony Bell-Lead/Rhythm elec./acous.Guitars w/efx.
  Jerome Watson-Lead/Rhythm elec./acous.Guitars w/efx.
  Andre Moore-Rap,Lead and Background vocals.
  Eric Plaks-Digi Piano,Digi Strings,
  Digital Keyboards.

General info

  Gee-Spot Productions Inc./GFUNK Entertainment:Diverse musicians & singers.
  GMANgerald-Recording Artist,Recording Engineer,Remix Artist,Sound Designer,Song Writer,Music Arranger,Instrumentalist.
  Genres-Contemporary,Modern,New Age Jazz,Smooth Jazz,Jazz Fusion,
  Jazz/Funk,Jazz/Rock Fusion,
  Fusion Funk,Futuristic Funk,
  Acid Jazz,Latin Jazz,
  Progressive/Experimental Jazz,
  Hip-Hop,Hip-House,Deep House,
  Hard House,Jungle,Drum-n-Bass,
  Reggae,Dance Hall Reggae,
  World Music,African Rhythms,
  Contemporary R&B,Funky R&B,
  Adult Urban Contemporary.

Download free music

Africa Part 1 n/a Download
Classy,(That's What You Are To Me!) n/a Download
Downtime Blues n/a Download
Make A Decision n/a Download
Mr.Homberg Man n/a Download
The Passion n/a Download
Together Again n/a Download

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