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Members of the band

  C. Decapo: chainsaw magick, chanting of cryptic mantras & cathartic screams,Qi-gong warrior occultism, dehypnotising beats and mystic steel rituals

General info

  Ghouli is Decapo’s old doom project The Ghoul refined and reborn thru the northern winter depression.This band is a manifestation of creative force awakened by the cold depressive darkness
  of northern pagan land, Finland. It’s a tribute to the creation’s source, the endless void of the
  sea of conciousness and pure expression of the darker side of the oneness beyond. Currently
  Ghouli is a one man band playing Dark mystic doom metal rock. It’s a weird combination of
  occultism, eastern mysticism, northern darkness and various styles of underground heavy metal
  and rock music.

Download free music

Jumalten vasara(The hammer of gods) 3.11 MB Download
Tyhjyydestä syntynyt 2.49 MB Download

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