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Genoma (Brazil)

Genoma (Brazil)
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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  André Bighinzoli - bass & vocals
  Darwen Schiavini - guitar & vocals
  PP - lead guitar & vocals
  Pedro Ariel - drums

General info

  Brazilian Rock And Rollers - Yeah, This is It!
  Being from Brazil doesn't necessarily mean that you have to play the samba.
  These Brazilians sing life through Rock And Roll and in a "bluesy" way - the lyrics are very realistic and
  intense. They also love the sound of a good guitar very much.
  Check it out!

Download free music

Lady Rock And Roll n/a Download
Loser n/a Download
Quem Foi 2.19 MB Download
Rato Biruta 1.20 MB Download
There's A Better Way n/a Download
Troquei o Passo n/a Download
Tudo Ficou Na Memória 2.69 MB Download

Latest tracks

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