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  Here is the first Gelatinous Productions Virtual Radio Program! This edition features rare and unreleased material from THE SHAKE UPS, THE MADEIRA, P.J. OTAKU, DESTINATION: EARTH! & more. For release information and website links for all artists featured on our podcast, please visit the official GP site at

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  Gelatinous Productions is a music promotion and distribution company providing limited releases of our bands to the general public through mail & online ordering. While we specialize in music that would be considered outside of the mainstream, most of our releases are very accessible and "easy to listen to." We still believe in the DIY ethos of the 7" with xeroxed artwork, and for this reason, many of the releases are made available with minimal packaging (as well as very reasonable pricing!). We like to offer as eclectic an assortment of music as possible, in the hope that you might get to hear something you wouldn't normally hear about on the radio or from your rock & roll rags. This is our mission!

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Gelatinous Productions Podcast #1 Pt 1 (12/06) n/a Download
Gelatinous Productions Podcast #1 Pt 2 (12/06) n/a Download
Gelatinous Productions Podcast #1 Pt 3 (12/06) n/a Download

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