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Gant Eichrodt

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Members of the band

  Gant Eichrodt
  Singer/composer, harmonica, six and twelve string guitars.

General info

  "Blues for Company & Other Mostly True Stories" is a wildly mixed bag of fourteen original compositions, traditional ballads and cover tunes which, at first blush, seem an unlikely mix at best. But listen closely and you will find there is method to the madness and meaning to the mix. This is a whimisical, humorous accounting of Life, Love and The Way Things Are. I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I enjoyed living them!
  If you'd like the complete CD with all original cover art, please contact me through the email link. Full CD is $11.50 (shipping included)
  Thanks for listening! Gant

Download free music

Blues for Company n/a Download
Down at the No-Name Bar & Grill n/a Download
Just Messin' Around n/a Download
Love Jones n/a Download
Lovin' Gone n/a Download
Sometimes My Lady n/a Download
Taps @ 10 Ides of March n/a Download

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