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Vladimir Galaktionov

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Members of the band

  Vladimir Galaktionov - trumpet.

General info

  Vladimir Galaktionov was born
  on January 12, 1968. 1988 - Studied in Gnesyn's musical college in Moscow.
  1992-93 - Soloist of a State jazz orchestra by Oleg Lundstrem.
  1993 - Soloist of jazz orchestra by Georgy Garanyan.
  Since 1998 - soloist, lead trumpet player of Igor Butman Big Band.
  2002-2005 - work with Abraham Rousso (russian popular singer.)
  Since 2006 - work with Valery Syutkin (russian popular singer.)
  From 1993 - participant of the projects of many Moscow musicians: Aleksey
  Kuznetsov ,Alexey Kozlov, Alex Rostotsky, Igor Butman, Andrey Razin, Lev Kushnir, Gregory Fine,
  Evgeny Ryaboy, Danyl Kramer, etc.
   Appeared on festivals
  in Russia, Finland, Poland, Germany, Japan, USA, Israel, Italy. Now regularly plays with "Hot Nine"
  by V. Danilochkin, and with other groups. Permanently participates in recordings
  by the performers of popular music.
  As a soloist of Igor Butman Big Band, played with Winton Marsalis, Billie Cobham, "New York Voices", Kevin Mahogany, Randy Brecker, Dee Dee Bridgewater, etc.
  In 1996-2005 years has made four projects as a soloist:
  " Rainbow Road" with involvement a guitarist Aleksander Shevzov and pianist Lev
  "Cherokee" in a trio with a guitarist Konstantin Serov and bassist Igor
  Ivanushkin; and
  " New Project " - experimental music in a duet with a guitarist Aleksander
  "Your Dreams Are So Unrealizable" - new instrumental project.
  1996. "Rainbow Road", electric-acoustic fusion project with Alexander Shevtsov-guitar,
   Lev Kushnir- piano, keyboard. Original compositions by V.Galaktionov.
  1997. "Cherokee", acoustic project with Konstantin Serov-guitar and Igor Ivanushkin- bass.
   Standarts arranged by V.Galaktionov.
  1998. "New Project", new age and free improvised music. Alexander Kostikov- guitar, electronics,
   V.Galaktionov- trumpet, sampler, computer, lexicon "jam man".
  2004. "Your Dreams Are So Unrealizable" - folk-fusion project. Javad-Zade -drums, Evgeny Borets -keyboards, Pavel Chekmakovsky- guitar,
   Anastasya Modestova- vocal.
  * Alexander Lavroff group / Ave Maria, Ave / Soyuz Records / 1995.
  * Old Gold Songs 2 / Russian Song Classics / ORT video / 1997.
  * Old Gold Songs 3 / Russian Song Classics / ORT video / 1998.
  * Vladimir Markin group / Olga / Soyuz Records / 1998.
  * Andrey Razin & The Second Approach project / Pierrot / Boheme music / 1999.
  * Vitaly Kis & Seven Winds / Return / Mark Smirnov Records / 2000.
  * Vladimir Galaktionov / Russian Project / Headquarters Records, Inc. / USA /
   * Vladimir Galaktionov / Just... / Landy Star Music / 2001.
  * Sergey Filatov / Three Keys / Landy Star Music / 2001.
  * Ludmila Ludkovsky / A Second Till Midnight / 2002.
  * Georgy Musheev and "Seven Winds" / Island Of Love / ESTA / 2002.
  * 32. Internationales dixieland-festival Dresden / MCD Productions / 2002.
  * Igor Butman Big Band / The Eternal Triangle / 2003.
  * Vladimir Galaktionov / Your Dreams Are So Unrealizable / 2005.

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Your Dreams Are So Unrealizable. n/a Download

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