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rock / hard rock


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General info

   These tracks showcase the Norhern California lead guitarist's latest solo project with an array of varied unique arrangements and other occasional offbeat aural atrocities.
   Several primary musical influences include Jeff Beck, Frank Zappa (Mothers of Invention), Mike Bloomfield, Mick Ronson and electronic synthesist composer Jean Michel Jarre.
   Previous bands performed with include the Sacramento based glam band Sergeant Rocks, which at one time included guitarist George Lynch (Dokken,Lynch Mob).
   More recent successful bands include Banger, StarStruk and Patricia Hurts. The newest project in the works is FourInHer (foreigner?), which is in the writing/rehearsal stages at this time with performance dates to be set soon.
   All instrumentation (elec. and acoustic guitars, bass, keys, synths) on these particular tracks were written, arranged, performed and recorded by Erik Darzell with comrade Randy Petty belting out the sick lead vocals on "A Day Late" and "Knock 'em Down". The tracks "Hope She Dies" and "What's So Fucking Funny?" are original guitar soundtrack compositions that were written and performed for the indie movie titled "Hope She Dies Before I Wake". All background vocals, inane dialog and assorted noise distractions by E.D., including lead vocals on "Be Patient, Eddie".
   Most of these tracks are available for download at C/NET, MP3Lizard and Limewire. Several posted guitar clips can also be viewed on . See ya soon and brush often. < wtf ? RAWCARD@EARTHLINK.NET

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A DAY LATE n/a Download
BE PATIENT, EDDIE n/a Download
HOPE SHE DIES n/a Download
KNOCK 'EM DOWN n/a Download
SO HOT n/a Download
STRAT-O-BLASTER (guitar instrumental) n/a Download

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