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General info

  Artist description
  Using a technique called "Painting with Sound" combining new technologies with traditional musical instruments and influences around the world to create a beautiful musical journey and to promote awareness of how our actions today Violate the Future
  Music style
  Progressive Rythms, Melodies and Ambient Sound Textures that Unites the Boundries of Musical Preference, Mystic & Soulful from a Land of Dreams ...
  Musical influences
  Peter Gabriel, Deep Forest, Sacred Spirit, LadySmith Black Mambaza, Adiemus
  Similar Artists
  Deep Forest, Sacred Spirit, Moby, Peter Gabriel, Adiemus, Enigma
  Artist history
  Launched Dec.2000
  Press reviews
  Deep feelings emerge from the heart of a great songwriter/musician. Check out all of Future Violation's music for the ride of your listening life."World Spirit Quest Radio" This Is Incredible...What A Sound, Every Thing Fits Perfect.Nice Break.You Should Get To #1.. Total Music DJ from Long Island, NY, 4/12/2001 - Vibalishious... Soft n low... way to make it hit the fan.. Nice vocals in this song... when it started I had the Lion King movie in my head.. now the vocals have really done it for me... as odd as it seems this song is heavy with qualitly of sorts... Great job... I'm gonna be adding this one to my favourites list... Keep em coming.... DJ Wildfire from Fredericton, NB, 4/10/2001 - Pure oasis, and that's no Gallagher.. Ahhh!! This was quite a relief. After scanning the charts for something different from the ecstatic hyperactive stuff that's so common on this planet.You make it all sound exstremely live and evocative. Thanks!! - Stage2 from Oslo, 4/5/2001 - "Awesome music, very fresh with it's own unique style.Keep up the good work. I recently aquired you're last CD and love it. Looking forward to future CD's."Steve -Manteca CA."Dreaming" by FutureViolation - Floating,levitating,an out-of body experience, can come to you in this instrumental from FutureViolation."Dreaming" is the type of music one can wrap themselves into,onto,and around.Enjoy this melody,and of course,buy this CD.....- Composure Radio"Escape" by FutureViolationOpen your eyes,your ears,and your heart,and let this song into your life.This is one of my favorites on this CD.Like the Cobra that bites,so will this composition,but this one won't let go!San Francisco based,and how lucky they are.Gotta Hear This One!!!!!! - Composure Radio"Symphonic" - An enjoyable panoply of sound crescendoing into the gentle beat of drums. - The New Age CompanionAmazingly Beautiful * * * * * stars SudoAngel from Oakland, CA, 12/30/2000 8:08:27 PM I'm almost speechless...but..not quite. *smile* Touched is not the word... For someone who doesn't know me, you have just ran through every possible emotion, complexity, dream, hope, wish, singularity, and a wildness to be free with a constant undertone ofsadness, that is me. With the richness of the sound you have crossed every conceivable line there is to cross and combined them perfectly. I am honored and if I could ever get into the community I would shout your talent to everyone, because they are missing something magical, and mystical. You've brought tears to my eyes. Thank You * * * * * stars Jes Sanchez from Santa Clara, CA, 1/5/2001 11:57:28 Where there is Hope there is faith. Where there is faith, there is Truth. And where there is truth, there is one love. This one hit my smack dead in theheart. Love is the only word I can say that describes this song. Blessings, Jes Wow! I thought my Moby * * * * * stars Servant Hood from San Jose, CA, 1/5/2001 12:06:43 AM cd was in the computer. Lots of emotion and feeling. Is that circular? Sorry, but that's no joke. Peace and Out, Servant HoodWhile * * * * * stars ANSELM from London, 1/4/2001 11:29:43 PM one artist (like myself) drives to achieve dark Jungle/DnB, you show us the beauty that's there as well. The music was soul lifting, and I'm not even sure what a soul is. Still, great song.* * * * * stars Bradford:Alan:Davidson from , KS, 12/30/2000 12:57:19 PM No violations here.... This is really a great piece,,,very conceptual and relaxing. * * * * * stars KORYNTHYAN2000 from Spokane, WA, 12/30/2000 7:59:10 AM I really Soothing and imagining the sun at dawn, I liked this one of most that are up. Its so different from the electronic scene that AP is usually known for. ^_^ Take care.* * * * * stars PV Wolfgang from , FL, 12/29/2000 3:52:39 PM Like, you Very PREFECT.WOW ***** Stars Angie´s Spiral from madrid, 1/5/2001 5:26:20 PM another great work. the mix is perfect.

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