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Romantech aka Further

Romantech aka Further
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dance / techno


Members of the band

  Matt Turner - Programmer, Producer, DJ, Performer

General info

  I got into Jungle and Trip Hop as a teenager in the mid 90's after being turned on to raves and cafs and that. Iíve been Producing melodic and funky dance for four years, playing out funky drum'n bass as Romantech, organising a CD-R label, now putting out melodic downbeat and chilled dance as Further also . I make melodic electronic music and dance. Lots of downbeat with loungy, dubby, influences and ambient electronica but also melodic, downbeat Drum'n Bass, Uk Garage, House etc.
  I'm on an urban buzz, that's my vibe, searching out the good things from amongst it all, searching for something to feel good about, to make you whole, that makes you just wanna ride it out on a fast break with a ridiculously funky lick on it , and your jumping up, moving into the future . . . or your chilling and this incredibly moving melody just hits you and cracks you open and all this shit comes flowing out of you and you look back, and you look forward, and you look around . . . and it makes you just fully THINK!

Download free music

Metro Sound n/a Download
Nag Champa ft. Haze n/a Download
Romantech presents Lickwicked n/a Download
Small Turtle ft. Catguts n/a Download

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