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Members of the band

  Van - various noises, guitars, beats

General info

  "porn music for the insane"
  Take away the array of bombastic pop songs, separate them from the ugly noises and you end up with this; mood music from heaven. furiousBall doesn't just create music, he shapes it. By drawing a bit from jazz, a bit from funk, drips from reggae and then mixing it up, furiousBall moulds his music around his own personality rather than someone else's.
  There is a singular touch to furiousBall's songs that captivate, regardless of one's previous musical tastes. Soft, gentle and very atmospheric, furiousBall insists on making music that speaks to the heart and soul rather than just the head. Inspiration comes "from anything really The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein, the funny way someone laughs, Kurt Vonnegut books, Kurt Cobain, the way my son laughs or some graffiti under a bridge somewhere. If you only let music be influenced by music," he says, "you're not creating art you're a parrot."
  [ article 11/1/03 by Sukrit Sabhlok]

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