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Friendly Psychics Music

Friendly Psychics Music
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Members of the band

  John - guitars and vocs
  Dan - guitars, keys, vocs and drums
  Chris - bass, synths, electric kazoo
  ...and a host of others...

General info

  Friendly Psychics Music is an independent home-recording collective based out of Dayton, Ohio and Denver, Colorado. Our bands don't practice or play together but rather mail their contributions long-distance and layer the results.
  Our groups include Dishwater Psychics, Derecho, A Surplus of 1, The Circuit Riders, Brainswarm, Unified Alarm System, Upstate, Wicked Immigrant, Bullet Gastino and Tarantula Dinner Party. We started in 1999 as the publishing name of Dishwater Psychics and have expanded to include releases from various indie rock, folk and experimental bands.
  *Friendly Psychics Music is not a record label, just a collective of like-minded musicians. We do not accept demos, nor are we looking for any new artists. We do love feedback, though.
  New releases include discs from A Surplus of 1, Derecho, Unified Alarm System and Brainswarm, and recent releases from Dishwater Psychics and The Circuit Riders. Look for the new releases in 2010 from Dishwater Psychics, Derecho, A Surplus of 1 and maybe more... we're also working on a new multimedia graphic novel/album with the good people at

Download free music

A Whistler's German Passport n/a Download
Dixie Velvet n/a Download
Measured in Millions n/a Download
Rollaway Bed n/a Download
Seventy 7 Seconds Low n/a Download
Sleeping Cup n/a Download
Weirdo Hero n/a Download

Latest tracks

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