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Members of the band

  Anders Berg

General info

  styles: jazz, electronic, percussion, house etc.
  drumming the city is an idea of using objects we pass every day as (percussion) instruments. My first example is Bendplatz Samba Skit, where the stars are boxes involved in the city's power supply and a road sign, played with small tree branches, hands and a plastic clothes hanger (!). The electronic instruments were added afterwards.
  threeKeys was a medium-listening jazz combo consisting of:
  Andreas Karlberger - Bass
  Christian Kempen - Keys
  Anders Berg - sax
  But we all play piano as first instrument, hence the name...

Download free music

Bendplatz Samba Skit n/a Download
threeKeys - Nostalgia in Times Square n/a Download
threeKeys - Preseverance n/a Download
threeKeys - Song for my Father n/a Download

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