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The Framus Brothers

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Members of the band

  Bill Robinson, guitar
  Kenny Wilson, guitar and keyboard

General info

  Bill Robinson and Kenny Wilson are The Framus Brothers -- naming themselves
  after their Framus guitars (6- and 12-string) which they played when they
  first teamed up in the early '70s while in high school. They played their
  own songs which were influenced by the Beatles and the singer-songwriter
  legends of the '60s and '70s. They had the usual dreams of scoring a big
  record contract and even had a few shots at in NYC. But mostly they gigged
  around the coffee houses and small clubs in the Washington, DC area. They
  wrote over 100 songs during their 5-6 years of playing music. Bill and
  Kenny went their separate ways by the late '70s but remained friends and
  played music together occasionally. In 2007, they released "A Friend's
  Answer" containing 13 of Bill's songs, many of which were written "in the
  beginning". They hope you enjoy this sampling and can hear all the songs on
  the entire album at their web site Thanks!

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Gabrielle n/a Download
Home Is Where We Are n/a Download
Pollyanna n/a Download
Teenage Waitress n/a Download
The Great Divide n/a Download

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