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  Born in 1982, Ilana grew up with one older brother. Hearing her brother rap all the time she started picking up on hip hop music. She grew up listening to artist like McLyte, Dabrat, public enemy, sugar hill gang, curtis blow, YO,YO Salt and Pepa, Nas, RunDMC, 2pac and Notorious B.I.G. She started writing lyrics and poetry at the age of 13. When she entered high school she started recording songs with a tape recorder and her mothers radio and entered in a talent show at school. In her first show, the group she was in took second place. While in High School, she made contact with a producer named david hall of deep rooted production. When recording with david hall she learned about many business parts of the industry and picked up some traits on how the industry works. She recorded with him for a while and eventually went seperate ways.
  She started getting recording equipment and software determined to learn and create music. She signed with BMI as an associated songwriter and composer. She attends college at ferris state University. At Ferris, she has taken a piano classes and Majors in Music Industry Management. When she first got to college she joined a rap group. They did shows and created a CD but unhappy, she had become a solo artist once again and is now working on and promoting her new recordings and CD determined to make big waves in the music industry.
  Be assured that you will be hearing much about this artist in the near future.
  Album: BulletProof Sole
  Released: March 2003
  Track Listing:
  1. Intro
  2. Do you really know me
  3. have u ever
  4. flow with me featuring Amor
  5. All I wanna do
  6. My niggas
  7. This Hearts Black Hole
  8. Interlude- Flirtatious
  9. Fool in love
  10. The Violinist Featuring thurston Campbell
  11. Poetry In Motion Featuring Christion Odinma
  12. let me sing something else-interlude
  13. Dont wanna be Cool
  14. What you want
  15. Too Real
  16. Outro
  Album: Sound Therapy:313 to 226
  Released: Fall of 2004
  Track Listing:
  1. Feel Me Move
  2. Gimme Your Best Shot
  3. Feel Like Walking Away
  4. Temperature is Rising
  5. This is How I started
  6. Pass the Verse Interlude
  7. The Way It Is
  8. Love is a Crazy Thing
  9. Fm 313 Interlude feat. kareem stacey and chelsea
  10. Bob Your Head
  11. Hip Hop Won
  12. Flow With Me Rmx
  13. The Night is Mine -Kwame interlude
  14. Take Care of U Feat. Chelsea
  15. Watch Your mouth
  16. Shorty
  17. Venting Feat. Rob
  18. Outro

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Take Care of U Feat Chelsea ( beat by NOVISS)) n/a Download
The Way It Is (beat by Soultracks on n/a Download
Venting Feat. Rob (Hip n/a Download

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