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Members of the band

  Daddy Skillz.

General info

  yeah...FLOSSY EAST[key code 64] is ol you've been waiting for.we bringing forward the hottest hip hop and Rn'B.N'bil'J is currently in Uganda tryin to get it crackin.Daddy Skillz[call him the hit maker] is the most trusted and best producer.FLOSSY EAST started late in 2007 and is getting vibrant with the break through song "RIDE TILL WE DIE" a collabo with a friend-Phil'.N'bil'J believes with the very applauding work Daddy Skillz does,soon FLOSSY EAST is hitting charts. "keepin it real" is what we do and believe it or not we takin takin' hip hop music to the next level..just keep lookin' out en always remember FLOSSY EAST takin over....

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