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Members of the band

  Lili Sweet----vocals
  Madman Mirko--guitar
  Ed Von Martel---upright bass
  J.F Kill-----Drums

General info

  (psychobilly, rockabilly, country, punk hybrid)
  Grave diggin, "Turn the red lights on", Blue Velvet, Cry Babyish, Get undressed, Greaserama, Raunchy cowgirl, Necrophiliac, Relentlessly restless & Sexy kinda rock'n'roll!!!
  Famous bands we sound like:The Cramps, Empress of fur, The Queen B's, The Misfits, Screamin Jay Hawkins, Tiger Army, Long tall texans, Nekromantix, Deadbeats, Amazing Crowns, Bauhaus, Reverend Horton Heat, Kings of Nuthin, Sin Alley, Johnny Cash, Social Distortion, Phantom Chords, Dypsomaniaxe, Rosekill...
  "While hypnotizing their audiences with warm pheromones induced sounds, Flesh resurrects rock'n'roll a la Cramps with charms, mysticism and a deadly raw seduction."
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Death is my lover n/a Download

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