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Members of the band

  Tihomir Maksimovic - Voice
  Jure Anticevic - Guitars
  Dario Rudic - Bass
  Bobo Egic - Drums

General info

  Firmament is a death metal band, coming from Zadar,Croatia. In their nine year existence, with frequent changes of line-ups, band succeseds to create an opus of two unsatisfying demoes, few live recordings and two official singles, "Firmamentum Obscuro", on "Full Metal Jacket"(1997) & "The Bestial She", on "Stormbreed Vol.1 (2001) label compilations. In present line-up Firmament creates music which includes more than one retro metal stream, but stil strictly orientated on solid death metal genre. Firmament had done many live gigs and few festivals across their motherland.

Download free music

The Bestial She n/a Download
The Motherland (Live) n/a Download

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