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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Juha Simola -vocals & guitars-
  Teemu Hautaniemi -drums-
  Mikko Lavander -guitars-
  Sami Teitto -bass-

General info

  Firewall is an unsigned "rockmetal" band from Oulu, Finland. The band was originally formed by Juha Simola and Teemu Hautaniemi in Fall 2001, but soon after the first rehearsals came Mikko Lavander along to make the sound 'heavier'.
  At this point the line-up called themselves BARCODE. They made one promotional CD in February 2002, played a few gigs in their hometown Oulu and struggled with massive bassist problems.
  Finally in November 2002 the band found a bassist that was able to fill the low-tone void in the band's sound. His name is Sami Teitto. The music had also taken a new direction. More rock, less metal... Because of this, the band decided to change their name also. So BARCODE became FIREWALL. And the RockMetal began to flow!

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24/7 2.82 MB Download
Clean Me 3.70 MB Download
Infected 3.86 MB Download

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