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Finger Five

Finger Five
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Members of the band

  Paul Turner performing as Finger Five

General info

  I am posting my songs here as a project test area. So check back often.
  Surprisingly enough, I have received some emails asking about my equipment and such... I use Cubase SX as a workstation DAW - a Tascam US428 and an Oxygen 8 for recording/composition, mixing, re-mixing and mastering. Plus lots of tasty VST instruments and VST effects, to keep it colorful.
  - What took a room full of equipment only a few years ago now fits into my laptop! That is unless you want a room full of equipment (which our band still has).
  Speaking of, I am in a local band here in California called Dead Sexy, we play local bar type gigs and have a following its all good times! I have posted some original band music as Kung Fu Grip (Fatty - Vocals, Spider - Guitar/Bass, Me - Drums, Keyboards & Programming).
  This project comes from my love of making interesting sounds into loosely organized music. Over the past few years I have written a lot of stuff - I'm posting it here because inevitably it gets lost... a hard drive crashes, a CD gets ruined etc. If you like what I have produced email me and make a comment. Most people think my stuff sounds soundtrackish etc. (case in point today an "adult movie" producer emailed me about possible work - I'm flattered)! Currently I am listening to bands like The Postal Service, The Mars Volta, Jet, Filter etc.

Download free music

Kung Fu Grip - Leave Me Alone (Pre-Master Mix) n/a Download
Kung Fu Grip - Run Me Down (No Vocal Yet) n/a Download
Paul Turner - Dirty Harry.mp3 n/a Download
Paul Turner - Finger 5 (Time Mix) n/a Download
Paul's Windmills Arrangement for Fatty n/a Download

Latest tracks

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