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Members of the band

  Matti: Vox
  Mara: Drums
  Jussi: Bass
  Jani: Guitars
  Henri: Guitars

General info

  History of Fierce started about two years ago.
  The basic idea behind the band was to play pure 80s speed/thrash metal but also fulfil the lack of old-school speed/thrash bands in Finland; there haven't really been that kind of bands (Divine Decay since finnish the speedmetal pioneers like Stone, Airdash, Prestige etc. quit in the beginning of 90s.
  During these two years there have been many different bass players and drummers but hopefully the line-up is now final. When the bass player (Lord) Heikkinen joined the group, it was like a fucking "big-bang" to the band.
  He kicked our asses to do our first demo. On March 27th we headed to Klaukkala D-Studio to record three songs. The schedule was pretty tight but after shedding some sweat three songs were recorded after three days. Big thanks to D-Studio guys.
  To mention some influences - for example Stone, Airdash, Death Angel, Exodus, Sacred Reich,
  Anthrax, Testament etc. can be heard in our music but my opinion is that so far we have managed to do "Fiercelike" speedmetal.

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Fall From the Grace n/a Download
Stoned to Death n/a Download

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