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Fiat Panis Music

Fiat Panis Music
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Members of the band

  Igor Šerić:
  Composer / Arranger, Musician, Producer
  Instrument: Piano, Keyboards, Synth

General info

  My name is Igor Šerić and I am musican from Croatia for almost 25 years. During that time I was involved in many recording and concerts projects with many famous artists from Croatia, like Eurovision song contest winner for 1989 "RIVA". I have done many recording sessions for varrious solo singers,pop and rock bands,festivals,film-soundtrack music like a keyboard player,arranger and a producer. Recently I have just produced album named "ANALOG TAKES" for "FIAT PANIS MUSIC" label.It is kind of ambient instrumental album which I think reflects the modern musical cultural diversity from classic to the techno days. At the moment I am looking for a way how to promote my recent work outside Croatia.

Download free music

"North Pole" (house) n/a Download
"Southland" (blues) n/a Download
"Top Secret" (ambient) n/a Download
"Traffic Jam" (Techno) n/a Download
"Wild Time" (rock) n/a Download

Latest tracks

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