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Father McKenzie

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Members of the band

  Tobias Granbacka - Lead Vocals, keyboards, Simon Larsson - Vocals, Drums, Emil Johansson - Vocals, bass, Jocum Juslin - Guitar, Micke Karlsson Ac. Guitar

General info

  Father Mckenzie is a popband currently residing in Örebro, Sweden. As they are all students at Örebro Musikhögskola they had known each other for a couple of years when lead singer Tobias Granbacka one day decided that he wanted to try to play some of his own songs together with a band. They discovered that they liked both the sound as well as the chemistry when they played together and decided to form a band called Father McKenzie. The name comes from classic Beatles song - Eleanor Rigby and reflects in a way the melodic melancholy that characterizes Father McKenzies music.

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Can´t resist you n/a Download
I´m hers n/a Download
Ready for the world n/a Download
Superman n/a Download

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