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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Russell Wilson-Vocals
  Patrick Meriney-Guitar
  Rick Garza-Bass
  Elad Fish-Drums

General info

  Fallen is a Studio/Festival Playing/Movie Soundtrack Writing/Royalty Check Cashin'--Groupie Mashin'--Hollywood Hotel Room Trashin' oriented project, writing/recording songs for label/radio/movie submissions, and live performances for select venues and dates. We expect to take the next 6 months recording new material and once that's completed --- we will be back out playing live. We appreciate everyones comments and support!!!

Download free music

45cover n/a Download
95TransamHotcam n/a Download
Judgement Day n/a Download
My Darkest Shelter n/a Download
New Beginnings n/a Download

Latest tracks

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