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Members of the band

  Ol' Curt Jones - Vocals
  Ryan Croussore - Guitar/Vocals
  Shay Atkinson - Bass
  Josh Couch - Drums
  Dj Chuff - Turntables/Mixes

General info

  Fail Safe is a five Peice harcore/weirdocore band. Each member of the band represents different sytles and influences of metal/ hardcore/ and rock music. FailSafe is directly influenced by bands of today and the music of our generation. Our Goal is to keep spreading music we love with our own twist! We incorporate heavy guitars riffs, and vocals from harmony to chaotic screams.

Download free music

3 Seconds of Infatuition. 1.74 MB Download
Hey Darlin 1.50 MB Download
It's Your Day 1.71 MB Download

Latest tracks

Last week's top 5 tracks