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Members of the band

  Marko Pajula – Vocals
  Markku Taikina-aho – Guitar
  Ilkka Kivimäki – Guitar
  Mikko Viitala – Bass
  Ossi Mäki-Reini – Drums

General info

  Currently positioned in Finland, Seinäjoki, Fadeout started its development in the year 2001. Until this day the band has been loyal to its basic principal to create metal that has a look and sound of its own. Basically this means music where multidimensional melodies and shocking aggressiveness combine.
  “9 Seconds Of Her Affection” is Fadeouts most recent production and it shows how far the band has developed, especially in the melodic side. Unbelievably beautiful and catchy melodies switch fast into more metallic sounds but Fadeout still manages to save its music intact. “Fade” is an excellent track to show the melodic side of Fadeout where as “Taking Me Over” and especially ”Ends Today” show the more aggressive side of the band. The common factor between these songs is catchiness which has started to become a standard for Fadeout.
  With “9 Seconds Of Her Affection” Fadeout takes a huge leap forward and only time will tell how close it will bring the band to a final breakthrough.

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Ends Today (Sample) n/a Download
Fade n/a Download
Taking Me Over (Sample) n/a Download

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