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Members of the band


General info

   David & Adam met late in the 1997.
   Adam came from Italy and had also
   spent time in Ireland playing and
   recording with numerous bands in
   Dublin.The two came from different
   backgrounds but soon realized that
   they had similar interests and
   directions; they wanted to begin a
   project, so they formed FATE (as
   F8). The original line-up consisted of
   David on lead vocals, Adam on bass (though guitarist at heart),
   another guitar player and a drummer.They felt they needed a
   different guitar player for the sound they envisioned, so they
   decided to run an adv in a local entertainment paper. After
   checking out many guitarists who responded,F8 found Jay.
   David and Jay share a common homeland (South Africa) and
   connected on both personal and musical levels.From there the
   music fell into place.Right off they started working on material
   that Adam and David wrote together and separately. After
   many rehearsals the sound wasn't what David & Adam had
   envisioned and few line-up changes were made.Adam moved to
   lead guitar,his main instrument,so they needed a new bass
   player...... A video opportunity comes along and F8 performs
   Trash:*w - thanx to a
   great friend & producer, Paul Cornwall-& the Guys-, F8 first
   video will be soon out there. F8 is now recording a new 11
   tracks album which will include: "Life is passing you by*","In
   the corner of your mind*","Beat Generation*","Crazy 'bout your
   love*","Give me a chance*","Evil & Good*","Hopeless*", "No
   one around***", "How come*","Jungle song*","Unsatisfied*";
   main time our new single"NYCity*", will be out some stage
   next month. Stand by for more.....

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A Road less Travelled 2.70 MB Download
Right On 2.97 MB Download
Trash 2.03 MB Download
Waiting for the Sun 2.55 MB Download

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