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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  STEFAN NIERNSEE (leadvocals, leadguitar)
  MATHIEU SCHMID (vocals, drums)
  MARTIN FUCHS (vocals, bass)

General info

  This Band was formed in 2000. We met on the University for Agriculture in Vienna (UNIVERSITÄT FÜR BODENKULTUR WIEN). We are completely different guys, just love to play music. All three of us have different influences. Our music styles are: Blues, Rock´n´Roll, Punk, Metal. We choosed the name Extremophile, because we wanted to express strength, power.
  To play our songs live, is the best satisfaction, we could get.

Download free music

Back to the roots of rock´n´roll 0.67 MB Download
Come to me 0.73 MB Download
Dancing Boy 0.70 MB Download
Give me the wrong direction 0.71 MB Download
Heartbeat is going wild 0.67 MB Download
Steve Home Blues 0.68 MB Download

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