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Members of the band

  Valtteri Sahala (Guitar and vocals)
  Iivari Järvensivu (Drums)
  Toni Salminen (Guitars [solo])
  Antti Aro (Bass)

General info

  Exapathy plays heavy rock with good attitude. Exapathy is a four piece band formed in 1997... Possible influences come from Metallica, Corrosion of Conformity and Hellacopters.

Download free music

Candle 3.50 MB Download
Despicable 3.72 MB Download
Find Me 3.36 MB Download
Genuine 2.61 MB Download
In The Sweet Lap Of Sorrow 4.04 MB Download
My Broken Spines 3.65 MB Download
The Clouds Above 5.29 MB Download
The Red Night Sky 3.64 MB Download
Victim 2.49 MB Download

Latest tracks

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