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ex machina

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dance / techno


Members of the band

  Phil Petrie - Programming, Guitars, etc.

General info

  ex machina is a Latin term. It means, literally, “from the machine.”
  For solo artist Phil Petrie, no name could be more appropriate. His music is made with machines. His music is distributed by machines. Even the community from which he draws inspiration is based in and maintained by machines. ex machina brings together elements from electronica, techno, industrial, and IDM to create sonic textures that are sometimes familiar, sometimes foreign, but always engaging.
  Operating under the philosophy that machines are simply a reflection and extension of the natural world and even our very soul, ex machina produces synthetic soundscapes that mirror both the harshness and the beauty of the human experience.
  One of the goals of ex machina is to start, join, or contribute to any artist or community of artists operating independently on the web. For remixes, collaborations, film soundtracks, avant-garde projects, or simply to communicate, feel free to contact him at

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