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Members of the band

  Ewan - vocals, guitar
  John - Drums
  Mattias - Bass
  Johan - Guitar

General info

  It's pop with a rock edge. Loaded with melancholy emotions. I strive to pour my heart out in my music. I want every word and every note to mean something. I'm a sucker for melodies and harmonies so you'll find the lot in my music. Huge inspirational sources are:
  Afghan Whigs, Chris Whitley, Jeff Buckley, Rufus Wainwright, Daniel Lanois, U2 and more....
  The band i based in Gothenburg.
  I was previously the guitarist and main songwriter for the band Eleven Pictures. We released 3 albums between 95 and 2000. I decided to leave the band after recording the 3rd album to pursue my own musical dream.

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I ain't coming home n/a Download
Rainy Days n/a Download

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