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Members of the band

  Jeff Germscheid
  Blake Smith
  Chris Rueger
  Vinnie Alibrandi

General info

  A band from Nashville, TN, Evermore greatly compares with a range of varied artists such as, peter gabriel, daniel lanois, jawbox, and many others.
  Jeff Germsheid plays a haunting groove as their keyboardist. Blake Smith and Chris Rueger blend an awesome medley of guitar vibes to create some of the most prophetic sounds. Vincent Alibrandi proves his control and precision time and again through his talents as a percussionist.
  Evermore holds a style that floats on a cloud of its own. Yet, there is something within their music that holds a key in tune with every human soul. You will definitely be listening to this music now, for yourself, and for evermore.
  This group touches on issues that cut close to home with many individuals, including identity, drug abuse, love, loss, and more.

Download free music

Frau eva 3.82 MB Download
Gas attendent 5.60 MB Download
Go slowly around the outside 0.81 MB Download
I adore 6.05 MB Download
Nicaragua 5.34 MB Download
Retractionary 8.92 MB Download
Samurai 3.48 MB Download
silent duplicity 2.95 MB Download
Smiles 3.05 MB Download
Wind and carstart 4.19 MB Download
With knowing eyes 4.40 MB Download
You 2.46 MB Download

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