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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Steve Pompei - Vocals,rythem guitar
  Rocky Sundgren - Lead guitar
  Rick Scarola - Bass guitar
  Aaron Travers - Drums

General info

  eth' ik)
  1. The discipline dealing with what is good and bad and with moral duty and obligation.
  2. A set of moral principles or values.
  3. A Connecticut based hard rocking quartet that defies any exact genre, or classification, as well as defying all those who said that it couldn't work due to differences in musical backgrounds within the band. Yet five years and fortey some odd original songs later Ethic is stronger than ever, and about to take all those non believer's by storm.
   In 1999 ethic recorded and released their first full length cd, titled "Ghost stories of the 20th century", a fourteen song collection of the bands first original works. Ethic hit the road throughout New England opening up,showcasing,or/headlining. Everywhere they could get one foot in the door, their instruments followed.
  Later that year, the original drummer departed to pursue other interests, within a week the lead guitarist would follow. Stephen Pompei, (vocalist, and rhythm guitarist) and Rick Scarola, (bassist) held two months of auditions, and finally decided on Aaron Travers, (drummer) and Dean Cardinale, (lead guitarist). Under this new line-up, Ethic returned to the studio to record to record their sophomore project, "Can Anybody Hear Me", which was a collection of some of the older songs from the first disc and some newer material which they had been working on. touring behind the second album got much more serious, opening for some bigger name bands like Doubledrive, Stephen Piercey, Split Shift, Night Ranger, and others.
  In late 2003 Dean Cardinale was replaced by Rocky Sundgren, and Ethic has been writing new material on the basis of Sundgren's innovative style ever since.
  And there you have it, Ethic will be returning to the studio to record their 3rd cd (tentatively entitled, "The Day The Sun Cried") in 2005. Keep checking the website for release date as well as the 2005 tour!!!

Download free music

01 - Modern Day Arc Angels n/a Download
02 - Tell Me What You Need n/a Download
03 - Purple n/a Download
04 - The Tree In My Back Yard n/a Download
05 - Upside Down n/a Download
06 - Blackbird n/a Download
07 - Rain n/a Download

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