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Ether III (3)

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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Jerm - Bass
  J.W. - Guitar
  Jason - Drums

General info

  Ether III is a power trio in the lovely town of Roanoke Virginia. It all started when Jason and Jerm had thier first jam session together and could clearly see that there was alot of passion in what the two of them were doing. Playing various open mics, parties, and practices upon practices helped Jason and Jerm dig into thier chemistry. Two guitarists and about a year and a half later, J.W. is brought back into the picture. J.W. having played with Jerm in a previous band for about 2 years knew that it had to be good. So he came over to check it out and never left! Now the line up is complete for Ether III.

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One Last Wish 4.29 MB Download

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