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Eric Piegols

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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Eric Piegols - Guitar, etc.
  Artists who appear on some songs:
  Gene Bransfield - Vocals, Guitar
  Dennis Kapoyos - Vocals, Synth, Bass
  Dave Vlcek - Drums

General info

  A collection of songs in various stages.
  Many of these songs were with a project that never got off the ground - Psycosm (Dennis and Dave). Most of these songs were practice recordings and were not final versions.
  Some are songs with Gene before we formed a band called Whistletooth.
  Eventually, Ill add some Whistletooth tunes. (Gene, Dennis and Dave).
  Currently, Im doing solo composition due to family obligations and time constraints.
  Gear used: VHT Ultralead, Parker Fly, Johnson J-Station (Free)

Download free music

Casa n/a Download
Eleyna n/a Download
Free n/a Download
Immortal n/a Download
Kat n/a Download
Poppy n/a Download
Remember n/a Download

Latest tracks

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