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Members of the band

  Teppo - vocals
  Janne - drums
  Antti & Pekka - guitars
  Jaakko - bass

General info

  Epilogi is a pop/rock band from Finland. The band was formed in 2000, and their self-titled debut was released in early 2004. In April the song "Tanaan Kaikki On Ilmaista" was voted the best demo song of the week by YleX, a nationwide radio channel in Finland. Later it also visited the channel's most wanted list at position 26 for one week. At that time Epilogi had not even done a single gig!
  Their next CD "Häviävä Mahdollisuus" was released in April 2007. Both songs available for download are from this album.

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Häviävä Mahdollisuus n/a Download
Marple n/a Download

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