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Enjoy Sarma

Enjoy Sarma
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Members of the band

  Darko Hablik Drnje - vocals
  Dule Arsenov - guitar
  Nenad Vulic - bass
  Darko Antonic - drums

General info

  ENJOY SARMA's story began in 1993, Kovin, Serbia-Montenegro. After 7 years of struggling and non-stop touring (more than 300 gigs), 3 demos, they finally got a record deal in 2000 and recorded their first official album - "Reborn Power". After a huge success, a lot of concerts, interviews, radio air-plays... they became the leading Serbian metal power and spiritus movens of Serbian metal scene. ENJOY SARMA were named 'Serbian Pantera' because they sounded like the band mentioned. Soon they continued to conquer new dimensions and created their own style, based on anger and raw energy. Slayer, Pantera and Metallica thrash riffs heritage and nu metal tendencies with some original folklore influences. Second album, "No Fake Smiles" was released in 2002 and was even more successful than it's predecessor. ENJOY SARMA sing about real life. If you are ready for pain, sorrow, hatred and destruction - listen to it, 'till your brain explodes.

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