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End of Flowers

End of Flowers
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dance / techno


Members of the band

  Edward Schreiber

General info

  End of Flowers is the solo electronica project of Edward Schreiber (guitarist of Address Unknown). End of Flowers' sound is difficult to describe in a couple of words because its sound is all over the board. EoF contains elements of gabber, trance, psychadelic, goa, ambient, trip-hop, rave, industrial, and experimental elements into its music; often mixing several different genres into one track. Lyrics are few and far between, and explore many varying themes.
  Edward has been composing electronic music since he was ten years old. He started out beatboxing on a small cassette recorder, then began working with an old Yamaha keyboard. When he got access to a music-making computer software, he began to compose trance and even a little rap. With the advent of file-sharing software he exposed himself to a world of new music, and began to mix pieces of what he liked together into one matrix. Through the years his style has branched out, evolved, and formed into something that defies definition. The project got its name from "End of Flowers", a song by Diary of Dreams.

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Death in 4 Stanzas n/a Download
Genocide (of the mainstream) n/a Download
Meet Ellis Dee n/a Download

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