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E l l a

E l l a
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dance / techno


Members of the band

  Ella an solo Artist
  Produce her own tracks and add her soft sexy vocal to it!

General info

  the tunes of Ella are cool dance/trance as in Eurostyle
  makes perfect commercial tracks
  a mix of gatecrasher and sasha
  yet a very feminine vocal ,and ofcourse it is her own production
  not only has she achieved to impress Gigsonline in London UK.for her first performance,
  she finished a 5 track EP called
  UNIQUE on sale as white label
  and has been played over the local Radio station,
  latest Bonus Awarded Title of beeing the hottest Producer in the South,the EP is also in the Archive of Channel 4 TV London ready to use for filming or advertisement.

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Latest tracks

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