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Eliza's Playground

Eliza's Playground
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Members of the band

  Joni Peippo - vocals
  Marko Metso - rhythm guitar
  Mauri Rajanto - lead guitar
  Jussi Kivikoski - bass
  Pekka Kolehmainen - keyboards
  Tero Laine - drums

General info

  Eliza's Playground (EPG for short) are a Finnish band, hailing from Turku. We were formed in the fall of 2005. EPG's musical style is what you might describe as "groovy metal". Straightforward guitar riffs combined with catchy melodies. Voting and feedback would be highly appreciated...

Download free music

Hide n/a Download
In Tears n/a Download
Lose My Faith n/a Download
Lost Soul n/a Download
Out To Get Me n/a Download
Rock 'n' Roll n/a Download
Wolves n/a Download

Latest tracks

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