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Eliminator Jr.

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Members of the band

  Samuel Björklund - Drums
  Daniel Hult - Bass
  Daniel Björklund - Guitar/Vocals

General info

  Eliminator Jr. became a 3-piece band as well-spoken 6-piece indie/dreampop band Nowhere Fast decided to split in 2003. Eliminator Jr. had for a long time wanted to speed it up a notch and get back to the roots for band members and brothers Samuel and Daniel Björklund who were part of the the driving force in a band called duel recently put up on MySpace. With fabulous bass player Daniel Hult they where able to do so. Starting off with a smile, sounds and songs became better than expected and the songs turned into the first 3-song self-titled Ep recorded by the band. At the premiere at the Kaktusfestival juli 2003, a stunned reporter at the local newspaper became aware of the potential of the band and wrote the following: "The music got a firm grip of the souls in the tent listening. This was what we´ve been waiting for for a long time: An honest, self-revealing rock with an energy that blew us all away." In late 2004, after more than a year of playing various gigs, the band released their second Ep called Transition. A five-track recording containing songs as "Two steps forward" and epic track "Sleep" moving the band towards a more distict, rock-kind-of-sound. Aclaimed gigs followed. Now, almost three years of silence, the band has been busy making new material for Ep no.3 soon to be released...

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A light for eyes n/a Download
In your hearts you are all right n/a Download
Sleep n/a Download
Two steps forward n/a Download
Very Silent Flight n/a Download
Waking up n/a Download
Welcome home n/a Download

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