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This Life Electric

This Life Electric
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Members of the band

  Jim Felkner (vocalist, guitar)
  Dan Krause (lead guitar)
  Simon Hernandez (drums, backup vocals)
  Dave Lindeman (bass)
  Seth Osborn (keyboards)

General info

  This Life Electric was meant to be. Fate has seemingly brought together five musicians from across America with very different backgrounds to meet in Austin, Texas and become one. The result has been a fresh incarnation of art and soul in the realm of music. With a sound employing timeless combinations of harmonic melodies, cutting rhythms and addictive hooks, they have created music of intelligence and excitement readily accessible to all audiences.
  This Life Electric is continually seeking to awaken and delight the senses; with a strong devotion to two and three part vocal harmonies (all effortlessly reproduced live), cascading choruses and turbulent undertones reminiscent of The Beatles, Weezer, David Bowie and Jeff Buckley to name a few. The overall impression is a music dedicated to both melodic form and the artistic experimentation necessary to reach higher musical ground.
  In 2005, the Austin Chronicle marked This Life Electric as one of the top five best new bands in Austin. Hailed as a "Can't miss band" by Grammy winning producer/engineer Brad Yost, their "pop n' roll" style has been described as classic, honest, and soul-filled by others in the music industry. With their debut CD, "Letters to the Muse", released in May 2006, they are poised to further their reputation as a leading band, making waves both locally and abroad.
  This Life Electric is Jim Felkner (lead vocals, guitar) Dan Krause (lead guitar) Simon Hernandez (drums and harmony vocals) Dave Lindeman (bass) and Seth Osborn (keys). Each member brings a variety of musical influences as well as multiple years of live music experience to the group. The result produces unforgettable performances of surprise, contagious energy and professionalism; a combination that enables This Life Electric to capture the enthusiasm of a crowd while leading them to a discovery of the new.

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